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What's Sushi

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—  WHAT IS 'REAL' Sushi  — 

We hope to fulfill your desire to eat 'real sushi' while you are here in Hiroshima, so here's an overview of what sushi is. The word Sushi is the overall word that includes many types and styles. Four of the most common types are "Nigiri sushi" "Gunkan Sushi" "temaki sushi" "inaru sushi" 

In Japan when people talk of 'Sushi' , unless otherwise stated, they are normally referring to "Nigiri Sushi"  Nigiri sushi is Rice plumply cooked,  seasoned with sushi vinegar and then moulded into bite-sized pieces, with raw Fish, seafood or other toppings placed on-top. In the past it was a high-class food to eat when you were celebrating special occasions, but these days you can eat sushi anytime you like.

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Here is some commonly know Sushi terminology. If you bust these out on your next visit people will think your a true sushi pro.

Sushi Rice ⇒ Shari

Ginger ⇒ Gari

Cup of green tea ⇒ Agari

Wasabi ⇒ Sabi

These Items are always present in a Sushi shop. There is "sterilization effect" that is occurred by the combination of these items so we recommend you to enjoy them with your  sushi for an authentic experience.